True Love

March 8, 2009 · Filed Under News · Comments Off 

Today is Valentine’s Day and this is a special holiday for me in general. Although I don’t think people should be forced to show affection to each other because of one specific day, I do love the idea of showing people how much we love them. It is mostly special, because my grandparents were married on this day 61 years ago. They have always been an example of love to me. My grandfather cherishes my grandmother and my grandmother is devoted to him. Their example of steadfast love has been a vivid reminder of what love is about.

And this Valentine’s Day is one where this reminder is especially strong. I am reminded that love in all of its glory and romance and goodness is also about pain. Love means taking a part of yourself and giving it to someone else. Love means attaching your happiness with another’s so that their joy is your joy and their pain is your pain. Read more